Steven Brouwer
Steven Brouwer
Functional Art: Furniture

Mailing address
524 Hunter Bay Rd.
Lopez Island, WA 98261




Studio: Hunter Bay Woodworking
524 Hunter Bay
Phone 360.468.2915
Handicapped Access
In 1974 I was living in Maine and building wooden boats. It was all very romantic. I could not get enough. My wife, Molly Bill, our two children and myself moved to Lopez Island in 1983 for one year to escape the Maine winter. We never left. Since arriving here, I have had a chance to build a few boats, teach some classes, build kitchen cabinets and some custom furniture. Though building boats is my favorite, making furniture is a close second. I like the way the two disciplines inform each other. Tool use and the process of furniture making help with boat interior work. The curves and unique joinery of boat building guide my furniture designs. I have been a woodworker for 45 years, and have enjoyed the many creative challenges.